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Fic: Letting Things Lie (or Five Things Ariadne Has Never Been)

Title: Letting Things Lie (or Five Things Ariadne Has Never Been)
Rating: PG/PG-13
Pairing: Dom/Ariadne(/Arthur)
Notes: Fulfilling my shipper heart.
Summary: For better or for worse, Ariadne has never been five things. But sometimes, to save the ones she loves from getting hurt, she has to compromise. 
Words: 2049
Disclaimer: I do not own Inception or any of its lovely, complex characters.  I'm just playing.

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[fic] so far, so good

TITLE: So Far, So Good
AUTHOR: kitoky
RATING: PG-13 (minute amounts of swearing)
SUMMARY: Sequel to Pink Skirts and Pointe Shoes. Ariadne's trials in domestic life with the Cobbs. Guys, all I can write is fluff, and this is a PUKING RAINBOWS AND DIABETIC LEVELS of fluff. It's disgusting. It's definitely a lot lengthier than it's mother fic. Ballerina!Ariadne universe.

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Greetings, sleepy dreamers! Pardon the dust.

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Just Desserts, pt 2 of 2

Title: Just Desserts, pt 2 of 2
Author: nyruserra 
Pairing/Characters: Ariadne/Cobb
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Summary: Written for this prompt over at inception_kink 
Cobb gets his Julia Child on.
Spoilers: Movie, maybe?
Disclaimer: Inception does not belong to me, neither do any of the works of Julia Child, including Mastering the Art of French Cooking.
Author's note: Many thanks to helenvalentine  for all her help beta'ing this little virus, er, I mean fic.

Ariadne had always thought six weeks was a long time...