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You share your dreams with me.

Cobb/Ariadne - the Architect/the Extractor

Cobb x Ariadne
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There are just a few fundamental guidelines.

1.) Please stay on topic. Topics are Inception's Cobb/Ariadne. If it is not discussions, questions, Ellen and Leo in real life, fanwork, etc. regarding Inception and this pairing, this is not the space for it.

2.) Don't be a jerk: Currently, all posts are open to be read by all even nonmembers. However, this opens us up to flamers/trolls. We recognize that debates can get heated and sometimes shippers can get carried away, but please remember to be civil. Confirmed flamers/trolls will be removed from membership. Continued attacks may prompt mods to make all posts open only to membership.

3.) Lj-cuts: Use an lj-cut for any fic after the header summary, larger images bigger than 450x350px, or for more than three icons. We recognize that this maybe a bit difficult for fanvids.

4.) Headers: All fanfics must generally contain the following information:

Fiction Header:

5.) Rate your fanwork: G through NC-17, K through MA, worksafe or not worksafe, doesn't matter how you do it! Warnings on fics must not be ambiguous. If your fic has character death, sex, rape, non-con, torture, hardcore kinks, etc., then please be specific with your warnings in order to respect the specific squicks and aversions of the members of the community. Given that inception_kink is the most popular prompt community in the fandom, this is extremely important.

6.) Pimping other comms: as long as it has to do with Inception, feel free to pimp. If something is particularly off-topic, then a mod will likely delete it.

7.) Tags: Please tag your works with any other appropriate tags (i.e. fanfiction, icons, discussion, etc...) If one is not already available, a mod will create one for you upon your request, hopefully within 24 hours.

8.) Spoilers: Make sure all big spoilers for the movies go behind a lj-cut.


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"You share your dreams with me."


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